Silicon Carbide Origin and Development

Silicon Carbide Picture

Silicon carbide is a carbide by the Americans in the 1891 Acheson fused diamond experiments in the lab discovered accidentally when mistaken for a mixture of diamond , so named Emery , 1893 Acheson come up silicon carbide industrial smelting method , that is, we often say that the Acheson furnace , has been in use ever since , with carbonaceous material as the core of the resistance furnace , electric heating a mixture of silica and carbon SIO2 generation silicon carbide.

Several incidents of silicon carbide
1905 first discovered in meteorites silicon carbide
1907 's first birth of SiC crystal light-emitting diodes
1955 theory and technology breakthroughs , LELY growth of high-quality carbide proposed concept , from the SiC as an important electronic materials
1958 held its first meeting of the world's silicon carbide for academic exchanges in Boston
In 1978 the sixties and seventies to study silicon carbide mainly from the former Soviet Union. Grains to 1978 for the first time "LELY improved technology ," the purification method of growing
1987 - present to establish research CREE SiC production line suppliers are beginning to provide a base for the commercialization of silicon carbide

Origin : Changbai Mountain , Henan, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia , Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei Danjiangkou other places.
exports to the country : the United States , Japan, South Korea, and some European countries.
Quality Specifications :
① abrasive silicon carbide technical conditions by GB/T2480-96. Chemical composition of various grades are given in Table 6-6-47 and Table 6-6-48 .
② abrasive particle size and composition of the abrasive grain size determination method : Press GB/T2481.2-2009. GB / T 9258.1-2000 | coated abrasive grit size analysis