Silicon Carbide Market Demand

Silicon Carbide Picture

Since natural levels rarely , mostly man-made silicon carbide mainly . A common method is mixed with coke, quartz sand , and adding salt and wood , placed in an electric furnace and heated to a high temperature of about 2000 ° C was obtained .

Silicon carbide products can be divided into many categories , depending on the use of the environment , divided into different categories . To the more general use of the machinery. For example, to the use of mechanical seals , silicon carbide seal ring can be called , can be divided into static ring , ring , flat ring. Also according to special requirements of customers, produce a variety of shapes silicon carbide products, such as silicon carbide shaped pieces, carbide plates, carbide ring.

The article of one of silicon carbide SiC has high hardness , high corrosion resistance and high temperature strength characteristics, so that the silicon carbide ceramic which has been widely used.

In the application of the seal ring : Silicon Carbide chemical resistance , high strength, high hardness , wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and high temperature, so it is an ideal material for the manufacture of the sealing ring . When it is combined with the pair of graphite material , the friction coefficient smaller than that of alumina ceramic and carbide , which can be used for high PV values, in particular the transportation of acid, alkali conditions used . I produced the SIC-1 atmospheric sintering silicon carbide products , with high -density , high hardness, production volume, can produce complex shapes characteristic of products, suitable for use in high-performance seals , particularly high value and PV resistant to acid , alkali conditions. And I produced the SIC-3 -type silicon carbide ceramic material containing graphite, silicon carbide . Because it contains a large number of fine graphite particles dispersed in a silicon carbide matrix, when paired with other materials , the friction coefficient is very small, has good self- lubricating properties, especially for the production of dry gas seals or seal friction conditions used , thereby improving the reliability and service life of the seal work.